Arkos Health

Cardiovascular Program

Cardiovascular Care Solution

Program Overview

Arkos Health provides direct access cardiovascular member services to close care gaps and reduce unnecessary medical expenditures. By employing a comprehensive data evaluation framework, remote monitoring technology, and a virtual care team of licensed cardiovascular specialists, the program provides a personalized member experience while ensuring payer ROI under two-sided risk arrangements.

Member Journey: Low Risk

Meet Robert who is new to Medicare to learn how the program creates an extra level of care helping Robert manage his Type II Diabetes.

Member Journey: Moderate Risk

Meet Mary who has been diagnosed with NYHA Class II Heart Failure to learn how the virtual care team helps Mary manage her condition and collaborate with her primary care physician.

Member Journey: High Risk

Meet Madeline who received coronary artery bypass graft surgery and lives with multiple chronic conditions to learn how Arkos Health remotely monitors her vital signs, manages an escalation, and collaborates with Madeline’s primary care physician and cardiovascular specialist.

Member Journey: Very High Risk

Meet Sam who has been admitted to a local hospital with a coronary event to see how the virtual care team collaborates with emergency department staff and Sam’s provider team to ensure a safe transition home.

Who Arkos Serves

The Arkos Health platform provides extended access to members by organizing and simplifying healthcare access.

Supported by the renowned integrated delivery system, UPMC, and built upon a foundation of world-class clinical care, Arkos Health leverages the best clinical science and technology assets to develop their solution.

Arkos Health is driven by the mission to improve patients’ lives so they guarantee an improvement in financial performance metrics and qualitative measures for those they serve.