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The Financial Side of maintaining healthy members. Improve efficiency, member experience, and better outcomes.

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Arkos Health Solutions are purpose-built to address key healthcare & financial objectives. Transforming risk management and care delivery for complex populations. Arkos Health’s suite of managed care and provider services includes programs proven to enhance clinical and financial outcomes by extending (not replacing) health plans and provider services.

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Arkos Health is driven by the mission to improve patients’ lives so they guarantee an improvement in financial performance metrics and qualitative measures.

Arkos Health centers on member outcomes and how well healthcare providers can improve quality of care based on specific measures, such as reducing hospital readmissions, using certified Health Tech, and improving preventative care.

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Payor Services can be customized for
Arkos Health’s payor partners to include:

Quality Service Platform

The Arkos Quality Service Platform (QSP) helps their clients improve the health of its members while improving quality scores and escalating member care needs. The Quality Service Platform allows clients to track data and visualize data with aggressive gap closure strategies.

Analytics & Reporting

Arkos provides its client with an interactive portal with an analytics dashboard or each client can opt-in for a direct data feed delivering automation, 2-way communications, and interoperability with client’s existing technology.

Utilization & Referral Management

The Arkos Health Experience-Led Utilization Management Team offers health plans and claims-paying organizations a scalable Utilization, Prior Authorization and Review process to minimize the under or over-utilization of benefits.

Care Management Services

Arkos offers an end to end care management solution. Their care management solutions put actionable data to work closing gaps and keeping the entire care team engaged. Arkos utilizes CarePointe care management technology to help deliver the right care to the right patient at the right time with professional concierge oversight.

Care Management Services includes:

  • Data Integration
  • Patient Data Stratification
  • Care Planning
  • Care Coordination
  • Patient Engagement
  • Concierge Maintenance Platform
  • Performance Measurement and Reporting

Specific Care Programs Include:

  • Intensive Care Management
  • Palliative Care
  • Telephonic Case Management
  • Transitional Care Management
  • Referral Management
  • Emergency Room Care Coordination
  • DSNP Care Management
  • CSNP Care Management
  • Post-Acute Network Management


Recent successes with payors include:


41% Reduction

In the first year of partnership, a 41% reduction in hospital readmission rates


$13.4m Increase

With a Medicare Advantage Plan Population of ~9,000 members, a $13.4m 1-year increase in plan revenue


2%+ Reduction

Over a 3 year engagement a 2% or more reduction in YOY Medical Loss Ratio

Who Arkos Serves

The Arkos Health platform provides extended access to members by organizing and simplifying healthcare access.

Supported by the renowned integrated delivery system, UPMC, and built upon a foundation of world-class clinical care, Arkos has leveraged the best clinical science and technology assets to develop a solution.

Arkos Health is driven by the mission to improve patients’ lives so they guarantee an improvement in financial performance metrics and qualitative measures for those served.