In a Complex Healthcare Universe
Arkos Lights the Way

Using a person-centered care model, Arkos Health aligns various points of care to connect and transform the current healthcare system through Technology, People and Processes.

How Arkos connects

Arcas (/ˈɑːrkəs/)
Drawing from its namesake Arcas (the Greek Demigod thrown into the night sky who became Polaris or the North Star) Arkos organizes various “constellations of care.”

Arkos Health

Navigating a
changing healthcare

Arkos develops value-based strategies and transforms clinical, financial and operational models through digital innovation combined with a light human touch.

Who Arkos serves

Inspired to Change,
Focused on Solutions

In healthcare, outcomes matter. In many cases, Arkos Health guarantees outcomes.

Arkos Solutions
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To transform healthcare, Arkos formed a dedicated team of physicians, healthcare professionals and system engineers to provide the highest quality patient experience as possible.

Arkos Health applies an expertise to pursuing improvements that unlock greater insights into empowering the success of those they serve.

About Arkos