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About Arkos

In many ways, managing care is like navigating through space. For most, the healthcare universe is a vast field of many touch-points.

Oftentimes muddling through it can be dark, confusing, daunting. Arkos Health breaks through the confusion by connecting the different points of healthcare around each individual.

Drawing from its namesake Arcas (the Greek Demigod thrown into the night sky who became Polaris or the North Star) Arkos organizes various “constellations of care.”

Arcas (/ˈɑːrkəs/)

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By keeping the individual as the “North Star,” in their own care journey, Arkos creates a superior member experience.

Utilizing networks and technology that ensure that both providers and healthcare organizations are capable of seeing the complete picture of an individual’s health condition, Arkos Health aligns an individual’s various points of care.

Driven by our mission to improve patient’s lives, we guarantee an improvement in financial performance metrics and qualitative measures for those we serve.

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Our Approach

Enhanced clinical and financial outcomes

As a risk-bearing medical group ourselves, Arkos integrates managed care, technology, and “care anywhere,” clinical services.

By doing this, Arkos extends a risk-bearing partner’s ability to improve quality, increase revenue, and optimize expenditures with a person-centered care model that enhances primary care provider network capabilities. In value-based care, outcomes matter. With our partners, we guarantee ours.


Who Arkos Serves

The Arkos Health platform provides extended access to members by organizing and simplifying healthcare access.

Supported by the renowned integrated delivery system, UPMC, and built upon a foundation of world-class clinical care, Arkos Health has leveraged the best clinical science and technology assets to develop their solution.

Arkos Health is driven by the mission to improve patients’ lives so they guarantee an improvement in financial performance metrics and qualitative measures for those they serve.